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Advanced micro and nano characterization of hybrid interfaces - A multidisciplinary approach

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Politecnico di Milano, in cooperation with Park Systems and Gambetti Kenologia, is proud to invite researchers to the 2022 AFM Workshop on “Advanced micro and nano characterization of hybrid interfaces - A multidisciplinary approach” with a special demonstration of the automation of nanoscale imaging process on the most advanced nanotechnological tool, Park FX40 Automatic AFM.

Date: 8 November 2022

Time: 08.45 am - 07.00 pm

Venue: Aula Magna, Campus Leonardo, Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 Milano, Italy


The one-day live event is free of charge and requires a registration in advance before 1st November 2022.





The program is regularly updated.


First Panel | Chairman: Marcello Campione

  • 8.45 am - Welcoming & Introduction 
    P. Carrozzo, S. Fabbri, E. Arbelo - Gambetti Kenologia & Park Systems Europe
  • 8.55 am - Guest Talk
    Gianlorenzo Bussetti, Politecnico di Milano: 
    A combined Raman spectroscopy and electrochemical atomic force microscopy system for joining chemical maps to electrode surface topographies
  • 9.20 am - Guest Talk
    Claudia Filoni, Politecnico di Milano:
    Nanoelectrochemistry: mechanisms of sulphate adsorption on vicinal Cu(111) electrode surfaces studied by EC-STM and EC-AFM.
  • 9.45 am - Guest Talk
    H. Joseph Christopher, Università Politecnica delle Marche:
    Inverted Scanning Microwave Microscopy (iSMM): a democratizing approach to the microwave microscopy
  • 10.10 am - Guest Talk
    Sven Kayser, IONTOF GmbH:
    In-situ TOF-SIMS and SPM measurements providing true 3D chemical information on inorganic and organic surfaces.
  • 10.35 am - Guest Talk
    Francesco Sedona, Università degli Studi di Padova:
    Oxygen dissociation on Iron Phthalocyanine: Tuning the catalytic Activity by the supramolecular order
  • 11.00 am - Coffee Break


Second Panel | Chairman: Carlo Spartaco Casari

  • 11.20 am - Guest Talk
    Edoardo Albisetti, Politecnico di Milano:
    Phase-nanoengineering via thermal scanning probe lithography
  • 11.45 am - Guest Talk
    Francesca Casoli, IMEM-CNR Parma:
    Atomic and Magnetic Force Microscopy for studying magnetic Heusler compounds
  • 12.10 pm - Guest Talk
    Annalisa Calò, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia:
    Spatial mapping of elasticity in human cells and tissues by SPM
  • 12.35 pm - Guest Talk
    Andrea Cerreta, Park Systems Europe:
    Electrical characterization of 2D materials via advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy modes
  • 1.00 pm - Lunch Break
  • 2.00 pm - Live AFM Demo
    Andrea Cerreta, Park Systems Europe:
    FX40 Automatic AFM


Third Panel | Chairman: Gianlorenzo Bussetti

  • 2.50 pm - Guest Talk
    Tobias Cramer, Università di Bologna:
    Organic Bioelectronic Interfaces Investigated by Multichannel Scanning Probe Microscopies
  • 3.15 pm - Guest Talk
    Christian Martella, IMM-CNR Agrate:
    Direct insight into the opto-electronic properties of 2D materials by atomic force microscopy
  • 3.40 pm - Guest Talk
    Ernesto Placidi, Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza":
    A guide to juggling the AFM in chemistry
  • 4.05 pm - Guest Talk
    Giorgio Giuffredi, AFR Milano:
    Sidewall roughness AFM analysis of Lithium Niobate Optical Waveguides
  • 4.30 pm - Guest Talk
    Luca Gavioli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Brescia:
    Characterizing the building blocks of nanogranular films with AFM
  • 4.55 pm - Coffee Break


Fourth Panel | Chairman: Edoardo Albisetti

  • 5.15 pm - Guest Talk
    Francesco Bonaccorso, Bedimensional 2021:
    The role of AFM in the characterization of graphene and related materials
  • 5.40 pm - Guest Talk
    Alice Lunghi, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) - Ferrara:
    Towards the design of new organic neural interfaces: the contribution of AFM imaging
  • 6.05 pm - Guest Talk
    Giovanni Longo, ISM-CNR Roma:
    Neuroblastoma response to stimuli as investigated through nanomotion sensing and correlative conventional and atomic force microscopy
  • 6.30 pm - Guest Talk
    Clodomiro Cafolla, Durham University:
    Impact of molecular ordering on lubrication
  • 6.55 pm - Closing Remarks
    P. Carrozzo, S. Fabbri, E. Arbelo - Gambetti Kenologia & Park Systems Europe



A special THANK YOU to Prof. Gianlorenzo Bussetti and Prof. Edoardo Albisetti from the Physics Department of Politecnico di Milano for hosting the event.