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The 9th Multifrequency AFM Conference will take place on June 14-16, 2023, in Madrid, Spain. Park Systems is delighted to announce its participation as an exhibitor and Platinum sponsor!

This year the conference will focus on such topics as High-Speed AFM, Nanomechanics, Bimodal AFM, High resolution imaging of soft matter, 3D imaging of solid-liquid interfaces, Cantilever design and dynamics, and Multifrequency methods.

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Dr. Vladimir Korolkov


Join Dr. Vladimir Korolkov, Sr. Application Scientist at Park Systems United Kingdom for his talk:

  • ⏩ TALK: “How far we can push the limits of AFM resolution in soft matter?” 
  • ⏩ DATE: Thursday 15th June, 12.30-12.45 pm, in Room 2





Presenting Author: Dr. Vladimir Korolkov1

1Park Systems UK Ltd, MediCity Nottingham, D6 Thane Rd, Nottingham, UK, NG90 6BH


Understanding the intricate details of exquisite molecular architecture is pivotal in most areas of soft mater. This ranges from molecular packing in polymers, supramolecular systems on surfaces to capsomere assemblies in viruses. In this work, we will present a number of case studies where ambient Atomic Force Microscopy has been successfully applied to understand molecular ordering in real-world polymers, unveil the structure of hydrogen bonded molecular networks and study the evolution of mosaic viruses in the ambient and liquid environment.

The key to such high resolution is a newly developed higher eigenmode imaging modality. We will demonstrate how the use of higher eigenmodes imaging provides a routine approach to achieving molecular, and in some instances submolecular resolution, on a wide range of soft matter samples. This approach, unlike others, does not require any special cantilevers or custom modified AFM components. Here, we have implemented this technique on a commercial Park Systems AFM to achieve molecular resolution on a real-world samples of Teflon, polyethylene and i-polypropylene We will discuss challenges and advantages of applying higher eigenmode imaging technique in structural studies of polymers and supramolecular assemblies.


About the Multifrequency AFM Conference:

The Multifrequency AFM conference series aims to provide the environment where the experts and the newcomers in the force microscopy and nanomechanics fields share knowledge, expertise and ideas about instrumentation, methodologies and theoretical aspects on advanced atomic force microscopy. The Multifrequency AFM conference is open to any contributions describing novel developments in any of the aspects of force microscopy (theory, experiments, applications, instrumentation, software).

As complementary activities, the 9th Multifrequency AFM will include the 3rd Symposium on Cell and Soft Matter Nanomechanics.

Link: https://wp.icmm.csic.es/multifrequency-afm/