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The 24th Le forum des microscopies à sonde locale, the most important Atomic Force Microscopy meeting in France, will take place in the city of Obernai, France from the 3rd to the 7th of April 2023. Park Systems is excited to announce its participation as an exhibitor!

Step by Park’s booth to discuss with us the automation of nanoscale imaging process on the #FX40 Automatic AFM and its advantages for investigating materials at nanoranges! Don’t wait and book a demo slot today: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Date: 3 – 7 April
  • Venue: VVF The Plain of Alsace, 2 Berlin Street, 67210 Obernai, France
  • Our location: Park Systems booth


About Le Forum des Microscopies à Sondes Locales:

Started in northern France (Sangatte, 1998), the Forum travels around different French locations with a few stops at the Belgian neighbors.

The forum brings together each year about 150 researchers. It has become a landmark French meeting for the community of near-field microscopy.

The spirit of this forum has not changed since 1998; its goal is to bring together French-speaking (mainly France, Belgium, Switzerland) community of scanning probe microscopies (AFM, STM, SNOM and related techniques), from established researchers to students or industry representatives, to discuss the latest developments in the field. These advances concern basic studies in nanoscience as well as application and instrumentation. The relevance of this forum is growing with the years as the atomic force microscopy constitute one of the major tools of nanotechnologies. The technique allows, at the nanoscale, to study the physical and chemical properties (mechanical, electronic, optical, biological ...) of surfaces and nanosystems.

Link: http://www.sondeslocales.fr/forum2023