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Park Systems, a global leader in nanoscale microscopy, is pleased to announce the 2024 schedule for the NanoScientific Symposiums. These renowned events are set to take place across major global regions, including SE Asia, China, Japan, Europe the Americas, and Korea.

Following their successful run of both virtual and live events in previous years, the symposiums have historically united thousands of international attendees across five continents, promoting rich discussions and collaborations in the field of nanoscience. The 2024 symposiums will continue this tradition, offering participants the opportunity to present their research and compete for prizes in both presentations and poster exhibits.

The symposiums are scheduled as follows:

  • SE Asia: Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, August 6.
  • China: SINANO Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou, September 21-22.
  • Japan: Tokyo Institute of Technology, October 18.
  • Europe: Fraunhofer EMFT, Munich, Germany, October 29-31.
  • Americas: Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona, November 13-14.
  • Korea: Paradise Hotel, Busan, November 21.


Each event will cover a broad spectrum of topics such as electrical properties in semiconductors, 2D materials, surface science, and molecular biology, with a special emphasis on the practical applications of nanoscience in both industry and academia.

Park Systems invites researchers from around the world to submit their papers and posters for consideration. Prizes will be awarded for outstanding presentations, providing further incentives for contributors to share their innovative findings. Please mark your calendar for the symposium in your region.

For more information on each regional symposium, including registration for each location, please visit nanoscientific.org/nss2024. Updates on the symposium topics, keynote speakers, and other event details will be progressively announced on the website.

About NanoScientific
NanoScientific, publisher of NanoScientific Magazine, and organizer of the NanoScientific Symposiums, is dedicated to advancing nanoscience knowledge globally, sponsored by Park Systems. Through its commitment to sharing best practices and fostering collaboration, NanoScientific continues to be a pivotal part of the ongoing Nano Revolution. For more information, visit www.nanoscientific.org.

About Park Systems
Park Systems (KOSDAQ: 140860) is a world-leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM), ellipsometry, and other nano-metrology systems. With products that span the needs of chemists, material scientists, physicists, life scientists, semiconductor engineers, and data storage experts, Park Systems is committed to advancing scientific and engineering outcomes. Park Systems is a publicly traded corporation on the Korea Stock Exchange, with its global headquarters in Suwon, Korea, and regional headquarters across the globe. For more information, visit www.parksystems.com.