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Park Systems, a leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and nano metrology systems, has introduced its newest product, the Park NX-IR R300, a nanoscale infrared spectroscopy (IR) system for industrial applications.

Park NX-IR R300 is an infrared spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy integrated into one, for up to 300 mm semiconductor wafers. It provides chemical property information as well as mechanical and topographical data for semiconductor research, failure analysis and defect characterization at an unprecedent high nano resolution.

Park NX-IR R300 combines the most advanced IR spectroscopy of photo-induced force microscopy (PIFM) onto the industry leading Park NX20 300 mm AFM platform. The PIFM spectroscopy provides chemical identification under 10 nm spatial resolution. It uses a non-contact technique that offers damage-free spectroscopy probing, highest resolution and accuracy throughout scans. Furthermore, the Park PIFM provides the user with spectroscopy information at varying depths, offering invaluable insight into sample composition.

"The Park NX-IR R300 is a major advancement in our portfolio of nano metrology solutions," said Dr. Sang-il Park, CEO of Park Systems. "It represents our continued expansion into new areas of innovation for nanometric microscopy tools for engineers and scientists in industry and research labs. We are confident that Park NX-IR R300 will become an essential tool for industrial customers who need to analyze the chemical composition of their materials at the highest level of accuracy."

nx ir r 300

NX-IR R300


For more information about Park NX-IR R300, please visit https://www.parksystems.com/products/industrial/infrared-spectroscopy/park-nx-ir


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