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Park Systems was selected this year for Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion list spotlighting 200 top performing publicly listed companies in the Asia-Pacific region with sales under $1 billion. Companies on the list were selected from a group of 18,000 qualified in the region with criteria ensuring a geographic diversity of companies from across the region. Consideration was based on a composite score that incorporated their overall track record in measures such as debt, sales and earnings growth over both the most recent fiscal one- and three-year periods, and the strongest one- and five-year average returns on equity.

According to Forbes Asia, the list of companies in the Best Under a Billion group also demonstrated their strength when faced with the pandemic, thriving in the face of adversity by adapting quickly to today’s business environment.

“Making the Best Under A Billion list is no easy feat. For these small and midsized companies, the pandemic presents a true test of their ability to find ways to survive and even thrive in the face of adversity,” according to Forbes. The companies chosen showed resilience in adapting quicky to a new and challenging business environment. Park Systems reports earnings for 2020 surpassing the previous years and a healthy pipeline of orders, resulting from their agility and leadership. “Park Systems is honored to be selected as Best Under a Billion by Forbes Asia in 2020,” commented Dr. Sang-il Park, CEO and Founder, Park Systems. ”Our strategic plan to grow our AFM business globally has been steadfast resulting in continuous gain in stock price and investor confidence, surpassing the $500 million mark in company valuation.”

“Park Systems quickly adapted a virtual platform at the onset to seamlessly continue to grow our business operations during the pandemic,” adds Keibock Lee, Park Systems President.

Park Systems, founded in 1997 by Dr. Sang-il Park, is a global market leader in the Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) industry. Park Systems holds 32 patents related to AFM technology that enables unprecedented high accuracy in sub nanometer measurements, full automation metrology, and non-contact scanning. Customers of Park Systems include a majority of the universities, national laboratories and industry leaders world-wide and they are the premier supplier of AFM to nearly all of the top 20 semiconductor companies in the world.

Park Systems innovative design for Atomic Force Microscopy, combined with investments in capital assets, research & development and personnel positioned them for high growth in the fast-moving nanotechnology industries they serve. Park Systems has a long history of providing accuracy and unmatched superiority in AFM technology, which has been the hallmark for their sustained growth. Park's exclusive product line has evolved from a research tool to an industrial system for cutting edge technology companies where unmatched performance has resulted in user-customized product lines at leading manufacturers world-wide. Looking towards the future, Park Systems will continue to create best-in-class tools that allows customers to focus on doing incredible work, knowing that their measurements are accurate, repeatable, and easy to obtain.

Park Systems has new initiatives to promote their AFM tools for new researchers including the Park Nano Research Grant, where they recently announced a $1 Million Dollar Grant Fund to support Nano Researchers with AFM equipment. They also offer a Park AFM Scholarship Program and have recently expanded an online learning program that offers company webinars, live demos and user chats and conduct NanoScientific Symposiums to promote applications and technology to advance scientific discoveries.

About Park Systems

Park Systems is the fastest growing and world-leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems, with a complete range of products for researchers and engineers in the chemistry, materials, physics, life sciences, semiconductor and data storage industries. Our mission is to enable nanoscale advances for scientists and engineers solving the world’s most pressing problems and pushing the boundaries of scientific discoveries and engineering innovations. Customers of Park Systems include most of the world’s top 20 largest semiconductor companies and national research universities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Park Systems is a publicly traded corporation on the Korea Stock Exchange (KOSDAQ) with corporate headquarters in Suwon, Korea, and regional headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA, Mannheim, Germany, Beijing, China, Tokyo, Japan, Singapore, and Mexico City, Mexico. To learn more about Park Systems, please visit www.parksystems.com.