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With the OLED panel market forecast to grow at a CAGR of 12.9% during 2020-2025 and reach 45.55 billion units by 2025, Park Systems is scaling up its AFM tools for Gen8+ and all large flat-panel displays with the Park NX-TSH (tip scanning head) system.

 While a slight OLED panel market downturn is expected due to the Covid-19 pandemic, analysts expect OLED panels to continue to be adopted across the world as the industry moves towards larger screen sizes, improved 8K resolution and new form factors.

According to the company, the Park NX-TSH system is the industry’s only automated tip scan head for analyzing samples larger than 300 mm.


Park NX-TSH system with automated tip scan head is designed to analyze samples larger than 300 mm.

“Park NX-TSH is designed for large and heavy flat-panel display glass and 2D encoders, with integrated micro probe stations for conductive AFM and electric defect analysis,” explains Keibock Lee, Park Systems President. “Park NX-TSH can scan up to 100 µm x 100 μm (x-y direction) and 15 μm (z direction), and it has a flexible chuck to accommodate samples larger than 300 mm and heavier than 1 Kg - engineered for OLED, LCD and other large sample analysis.”

Using conductive AFM, Park NX-TSH can measure a sample’s electrical properties by supplying current through the optional probe stations.

The system's tip scanning head is attached to a gantry that moves to the desired measurement positions on the surface of the sample that is fixed on a sample chuck.

In this way, the Park NX-TSH tip scanning head system can produce high resolution images of the roughness measurement, step height measurement, critical dimension and sidewall measurements and overcome any sample size and weight limitations.

Watch this video to learn more about Park NX-TSH.

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