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March 13, 2019 Mannheim, Germany

Park Systems, a leading innovator of atomic force microscopy (AFM) technology, proudly announces the opening of a new European subsidiary in Orsay, France.

As a fast-paced manufacturer of nanoscale microscopy and metrology products, Park Systems expends its leadership in Europe by establishing Park Systems France. The new European office will serve French, Spanish and Portuguese research community in all Sales and Application matters. “I’m very excited that Park has recognized the strong and impactful role of the French AFM community in Europe and decided to base its next office in France,” comments Romain Bourrellier, Sales Manager for Park Systems France. “Park Systems France plays a crucial role in delivering local support to our customers quickly, competently and professionally. Considering the tremendous expansion and growing impact of the European Scientific Community we realized how important it is to understand the specific needs and challenges of each regional market. With a new local office for France, Spain and Portugal, the team at Park Systems Europe will be able to deliver even more targeted and tailored support to our customers and valuable researchers,” adds Ludger Weisser, the General Manager of Park Systems Europe.

Park Systems France office

Parc Orsay Université / Park Systems France office 

The new European facility of Park Systems Europe Headquarters in Orsay, France is a part of a growing network of Park Global Nanoscience Centers including the recently opened offices in Beijing, China and Mexico City, Mexico. Park Systems, a global AFM manufacturer, has offices in key cities worldwide, including Manheim, Germany, Albany, New York, Santa Clara, California; Tokyo, Japan, Singapore and Suwon, South Korea. Since becoming the only public offering for an AFM business in 2015, its stock has increased by over 300% reflecting the strong growth of its business with many company-wide global initiatives for continued future world-wide success.

Park Systems France - Contact:
Romain Bourrellier
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +33 (0)6 07 10 87 36
Park Systems France SARL
2 rue Jean Rostand
Parc Orsay Université
91400 ORSAY, France

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