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    NX20 Lite
    AFM Specifications

Park NX20 Lite Specifications


Z Scanner

Flexure guided high-force scanner
Scan range:
15 μm (optional 30 μm)

XY Scanner

Single module flexure XY-scanner with closed-loop control
Scan range:
100 µm × 100 µm



Z stage

Motorized Z stage travel range: 25.5mm,
optional precision encoder for better stage repeatability

XY stage

Motorized XY stage travel range:
150 mm (200 mm optional),
optional precision encoders for better XY stage repeatability


Sample Mount

Sample size: Up to 150 mm wafer sample
Up to 200 mm wafer sample
(Optional 200 mm Vacuum Sample Chuck)




AFM system control and data acquisition software
Auto mode for quick setup and easy imaging
Manual mode for advanced use and finer scan control


AFM data analysis software
Stand-alone design—can install and analyze data away from AFM
Capable of producing 3D renders of acquired data


Dimensions in mm

NX20 Lite demensions