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Self-assembly of Semi-fluorinated Alkanes

Selt-assembly of Semi-fluorinated Alkanes

Domains formed by the self-assembly of semi-fluorinated alkanes deposited as a monolayer on the surface of the water. The monolayer was compressed before being transferred onto a silicon substrate. Each domain includes about 4000 molecules. The domains were easily detached from the substrate with tapping mode because the molecules were very loosely attached to the substrate. Only Non-contact mode could achieve this result.

Scanning Conditions

- System: NX10
- Scan Mode: Non-contact
- Cantilever: PPP-FMR (k=2.8N/m, f=75kHz)
- Scan Size: 1μm×1μm, 0.5μm×0.5μm, 0.2μm×0.2μm
- Scan Rate: 2Hz
- Pixel Size: 500 × 500