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Image Gallery 2023, Vol.06


Trapped water between

Graphene & hydrophilic substrate

Star of Graphene

Defect of LiNbO3

GaN epi wafer

GaN on Si epi film

Semi-fluorinated alkanes

Nanostructures on polymer


Moire pattern of MoS2-WSe2

Cowpea chlorotic mottle viruses (CCMV)


Plate-shaped DNA origami

Collagen fibrils

Bacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae (KP)

Escherichia coli (E. coli)

Crosslinked starch & pectin fibers

Sunflower pollen

Diamond with plated / gold nickel

CMP test key

WLI image of wafer ID mark

TSV Cu pad oxidation


Stitched image of Chiplet

MoSi2 Hard defect repair

Hard defect repair of photomask

MoS2 film

Suspended silicon nitride membrane

Mo film

AR Lens

Copper film

Fractals of silver nanoparticles

Ceramic-Portland cement

02.Advanced mode

Graphene on hBN


Ferroelectric superlattices in 2L-hBN (0°)

Ferroelectric 2L-hBN

Strained MoS2 on Si

Semi-fluorinated alkanes

Perovskite coated on glass with Palladium electrodes

hBN-few layer graphene

Multi-layer necking device defect

Triple-cation perovskite

NCA of Li-ion battery



Magnetic device

Live fibroblast cell

Li electroplating (deposition) on Cu foil

Li stripping-plating on Li surface

Cutting Graphene

Exfoliated graphene on SiO2/Si wafer

Protein vesicles


CTA2B12H12 Nanosheet