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Park NX7

The Affordable Choice for the First Step AFM Research

Park NX7 is a cost-effective research-grade AFM with adaptable sample handling capabilities. It encompasses Park Systems's cutting-edge technology at a price affordable for various laboratory budgets. Featuring state-of-the-art XY scanning, achieved through independent, closed-loop flexure scanners, the NX7 ensures flat, orthogonal scans with precision height measurements, eliminating the need for additional software processing.

Ideal for Smaller Labs or as a Secondary AFM Tool

Park NX7 has all the state-of-the-art technology you have come to expect from Park Systems, at a price your lab can afford. Designed with the same attention to detail as our more advanced models, NX7 allows you to do your research on time and within budget.

Key Features

Unparalleled accuracy and high-resolution imaging with industry-leading low-noise

Park NX7 produces data you can trust, replicate, and publish at the highest nano resolution. It is equipped with the most effective low-noise Z detectors in the field, with a noise of 0.02 nm over a large bandwidth. This produces highly accurate sample topography and no edge overshoot.

Comprehensive range of AFM modes for Diverse Applications

Park NX7 is meticulously crafted to address the demands of diverse metrology and analysis applications. It stands out with its comprehensive range of modes, presenting an extensive toolkit for researchers across various fields. From standard imaging to electrochemical analysis, the instrument seamlessly supports a multitude of AFM modes, showcasing its adaptability to a wide array of applications. With Park NX7, researchers can confidently explore and delve into their scientific inquiries, benefiting from a versatile and reliable tool that enhances the precision and efficiency of their work.

Flexible Open-Access, Customizable for Cooperating with Various Research Environments

Park NX7 allows users to effortlessly tailor settings for their unique research environments, by offering a diverse range of options and accessories that make it seamlessly adapt to them: optimized options for thermal and chemical properties, etc.


Perfect for Diverse Applications