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Optical Characterization of Anisotropic Thiophene-PhenyleneCooligomer Micro Crystals by Spectroscopic Imaging Ellipsometry

Christian Röling, Peter H. Thiesen, Matthias Duwe, Elena Y. Poimanova, and Vladimir V. Bruevich

Thiophene-Phenylene Co-oligomer


 app24 fig01 01

semiconducting thiophene-phenylene co-oligomer 1,4-bis(5'-hexyl-[2,2'- bithiophen]-5-yl)benzene (dHexTTPTT) crystals were grown by solvent based self-assembly technique on silicon substrate with 300 nm thermally silicon dioxide.


app05 fig02 new

Nanofilm_EP4 + MM-Upgrade

Image Stitching

- The surface of the complete sample was recorded in a stitched image with an enhanced ellipsometric contrast (AOI = 60°, Lambda = 510 nm).

- Even Monolayers of the semi conductive material were observed.

 app24 fig01 02

Microscopic Mueller-Matrix Ellipsometry


Microscopic Mueller Matrix: 11 elements of normalized (m11) Microscopic MM



Variable Theta, Angle and wavelength spectra: Change of MM-values for anisotropic regions upon rotation of the sample illustrated by MM-element m13 (AOI = 50°, λ = 650 nm)


MM-theta scans for several wavelengths


Isotropic/anisotropic: Off-diagonal blocks of the MM offer contrast between isotropic and anisotropic regions: isotropic: pixels with MM-value = 0 anisotropic: MM-values non-zero



 app24 fig03 01app24 fig03 02



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