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7, Jul 16'
Category: Semiconductor
Ardavan Zandiatashbara*, Patrick A. Taylorb, Byong Kima, Young-kook Yooa, Keibock Leea, Ahjin Joc, Ju Suk Leec, Sang-Joon Choc, and Sang-il Parkc...
9, Dec 14'
Category: Technical Articles
Changing the Future of Nanometrology for the Semiconductor Industry   Abstract The Three-Dimensional Atomic Force Microscopy (3D AFM) by Park ...
4, Feb 16'
Category: Semiconductor
By Dr. Ardavan Zandiatashbar, Ph.D., Research Scientist Park Systems Inc., Santa Clara, California.   ESSENTIAL TOOL FOR HARD DISK MEDIA FAILUR...
8, Dec 14'
Category: Semiconductor
Reduces Cost and Increases Efficiency in Production of Semiconductor Wafers   Introduction The scaling trend in semiconductor design requires ...
21, Jul 15'
Category: Cell Biology
By Brian Choi, Bio-application Scientist at Park Systems PinPoint Mode Enables Surface Nanomechanical Property Imaging In addition to nano-scale thr...
14, Jul 14'
Category: Semiconductor
High Throughput Electrical Measurements with No Sacrifice in Signal Sensitivity   Summary With the implementation of QuickStep Scan, the throu...
8, Jan 15'
Category: Technical Articles
 An AFM is an extremely versatile tool for engineers, researchers, and other professionals that need accurate imaging and characterization of spe...
1, Jul 14'
Category: Semiconductor
The scaling trend in semiconductor design requires tighter control over defects on wafers. In order to characterize the defects, both inspection and r...
8, Jan 15'
Category: Semiconductor
By Ardavan Zandiatashbar, Park Systems Inc., Santa Clara, California. ABSTRACT Nano-scale surface roughness measurement has been one of the most com...
27, Dec 13'
Category: Data Storage
Undercut Structures and Sidewall Roughness XE-3DM The XE-3DM metrology AFM incorporates the decoupled scanner configuration.   Becaus...

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