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Park NX-IR

The Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis and Material Imaging

Park NX-IR is a nanoscale infrared (IR) spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy (AFM) integrated into one, for chemical and materials characterization. The Park NX-IR incorporates the latest infrared spectroscopy technology, the photo-induced force microscopy (PiFM) from Molecular Vista, into the industry leading Park AFM technology. The PiFM infrared spectroscopy utilizes a non-contact detection technique that is superior to existing spectroscopy techniques, including the tapping PTIR (photo thermal induced resonance), in terms of spatial resolution, measurement reliability and sample safety. The PiFM in Park NX-IR is capable of high-resolution IR spectra analysis and IR absorption material imaging for accurate chemical composition measurements. The high-resolution IR spectra maintains close correlation with conventional FTIR (Fourier transformed infrared) spectroscopy. Furthermore, Park NX-IR can provide valuable material information at varying depths through variation in detection techniques, the direct drive and sideband bimodal detections.

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Park NX-IR R300

The Nanoscale Infrared Spectro-Microscopy
System For 300mm Semiconductor Wafers

Park NX-IR R300 is a nanoscale infrared spectroscopy system for up to 300 mm
semiconductor wafers. It provides chemical property information as well as
mechanical and topographical data for semiconductor research, failure analysis
and defect characterization at an unprecedent high nano-resolution.

Park NX-IR R300 integrates the most advanced nanoscale IR spectroscopy with
atomic force microscopy. It combines the photo-induced force microscopy (PiFM)
module from Molecular Vista onto the industry leading Park NX20 300 mm
AFM platform.

Park NX-IR R300 is both a spectroscopy and a microscopy system.
The spectroscopy part of Park NX-IR R300 provides chemical identification
under 10 nm spatial resolution. It uses a non-contact technique offering
damage-free spectroscopy scanning and the best in industry spatial resolution.
The microscopy part of Park NX-IR R300 provides 3D topography with
sub-angstrom height accuracy and material imaging in nanometer lateral resolution.

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Advantages of Park PiFM Spectroscopy

Park NX-IR uses the non-contact method, which avoids damaging any part of the sample unlike the tapping or other techniques. Furthermore, it avoids any tip contamination during the scan operation, retaining the highest resolution and accuracy throughout the scan. In addition, the Park PiFM provides the user with spectroscopy information at varying depths of the sample through its direct drive and sideband bimodal detections.


High Spatial Resolution Material Imaging of Park PiFM Spectroscopy

Park NX-IR provides higher spatial resolution for both conventional IR spectroscopy and nanoscale IR techniques. This is made possible by its non-contact and sideband techniques of Park AFM for the detection of chemical information.

Demonstrating Exceptional Spatial Resolution in Chemical Mapping

Material imaging of PS-b-PMMA block copolymer, (a) IR mapping images of PS at 1493 cm-1,
(b) PMMA at 1731 cm-1 and (c) the overlayed mapping image of PS-PMMA.