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For many, the electronics industry has been a cornerstone in bringing about the prosperity of the modern age. Electronics have completely transformed nearly every facet of day-to-day life, stoking a nearly insatiable societal and economic demand to continuously improve our devices. One of the chief ways to do so is for device companies to produce faster, smaller, cheaper, and more power efficient portable devices. However, the critical dimensions of these products have to be engineered on the order of nanometers. Characterizing electrical properties at nanometer-size, such as electrostatic force interactions, surface charges, conductivity, and electrostatic capacitance directly determines the product quality and performance in each device. Yet, such characterization something that cannot be easily done at an industrial scale with existing tools.

AFM's high nanoscale resolution and high sensitivity can fulfill the highly challenging requirements of nanoscale electrical property characterization. Park AFM provides industial-quality electrical property detection tools with high productivity to our customers in both research and industry.

Upgrade your materials research capabilities with Park AFM

The nanoscale characterization of electrical properties has always been a technically difficult challenge for researchers and requires instrumentation with the versatility to match ever-changing application needs. Park Systems is ready to helps such necessities for your research with high quality AFM products and corresponding accessories and software.


Park NX10

Park NX10 provides nanoscale electrical property characteriziation AFM for electrical property and electronics research that includes an optimized signal-to-noise ratio for ultra-low electrical signal detection. Using Park NX10, researchers can investigate and characterize various electrical properties with high sensitivity and productivity and without worry from frequent disturbances from electrical noise.

Park NX20

Park NX20 provides premier AFM performance in nanoscale electrical property characterization by allowing researchers to study a diverse range of devices. Using Park NX20, researchers and failure analysis engineers can examine large-size device samples and conduct multi-sample analyses.

Park NX-Hivac

Park NX-Hivac allows researchers to enhance electrical property measurement sensitivity through high vacuum environment control. This allows researchers to characterize electrical properties more accurately with higher spatial resolution and improved signal-to-noise ratio than when scanning under ambient conditions. Equipped with both automatic high vacuum control with dedicated management software and a chamber-optimized Park NX-AFM design, the Park NX-Hivac is built to enable researchers to easily acquire crucial data from samples under otherwise difficult vacuum conditions.