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Park AFM Accessories

To make sure you can conduct more varied and specific research and tests, Park offers an array of additional accessories to further customize your AFM.


Signal Access Module

Access all the input/output signals for your AFM with the Signal Access Module. The unit provides an easy way to get scanner position, cantilever deflection, driving signal, bias, and other data to use to improve the quality of your work.


[ NX ]  /  [ XE ]

Specifications :

Enables access to various input/output signals for AFM
Scanner driving signal for the XY and Z scanners
Position signal for the XY and Z scanners
Cantilever deflection signals of the vertical/lateral direction
Bias signal for the sample and the cantilever
Driving signal for XE-AFM
Auxiliary input signal to the system

NX12 Stand-alone Base

Supporting base for a system utilization without inverted microscope.

Specifications :

Enables utilizing NX12 system without integration of inverted microscope
Requires active vibration isolation table and acoustic enclosure for optimized system performance

External High Voltage Kit

This accessory provides an applied external bias of up to 2 kV.


[ NX ]

Specifications :

Bias range: up to 2 kV
Works with Conductive AFM, EFM/KPFM/DC-EFM/PFM, and Nanolithography

Magnetic Field Generator

The magnetic field generator lets you apply an external magnetic field to the sample. The field can be changed from -300 gauss to 300 gauss, and is parallel to the sample surface. You can then easily observe changes in the magnetic structure using one of our magnetic force microscopy (MFM) options.


[ XE ]

Specifications :

Applying external magnetic field parallel to sample surface
Tunable magnetic field
Range: -300 - 300 gauss
Composed of pure iron core & two solenoid cells

Chip Carriers

Our chip carriers come in several types depending on your needs. We currently offer:


Specifications :

Standard chip carriers
Ceramic chip carriers for SThM
Teflon coated chip carriers for EC-Cell
Ceramic chip carriers for SCM
Teflon coated chip carriers for Conductive AFM

Non-magnetic Sample Holder

Ideal for taking delicate MFM measurements, the non-magnetic sample holder prevents interference from the magnetic field of the standard sample holder.