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Liquid Cells

Our selection of liquid cells provide an extensive array of options for biological researchers that need to measure samples immersed in an environment controlled liquid environment.


Universal Liquid Cell

Our universal liquid cell is the most flexible and powerful option for biological researchers. The cell can be used as an open liquid cell or a closed liquid cell while always controlling for temperature. The cell feature three outlets for liquid or gas and reference and counter electrodes.

The Universal Liquid Cell can be used in a range of configurations, including: open liquid cell, closed liquid cell, open liquid cell with heating/cooling, closed liquid cell with heating/cooling, electrochemistry cell, and electrochemistry cell with heating/cooling. This makes it perfect for shared labs or biological researchers that need varied features.


Specifications :

Open or closed cell with liquid/gas perfusion
Temperature control stage: 0 °C - 110 °C (in air), 4 °C - 70 °C (with liquid)
Chemically resistant to acid/base
Sample size: max. 15 mm in diameter / 1.5 mm in thickness
Electrochemistry upgrade (optionally available)
Applicable sample bias voltage: -10V to +10V

Electrochemistry Cell

This cell is ideal for biological researchers that need to take electrochemical measurements. It features corrosion resistant PEEK material so that it can hold up, even under heavy use.

Specifications :

Material: PEEK, resistant against corrosive solutions
Number of electrodes: 4 electrodes
Applicable bias voltage: -10 V to +10 V
Sample size: 12 to 38 mm / 5 mm thickness

Open Liquid Cell

Our open liquid cell is the ideal choice for those conducting research in an open environment.


Specifications :

Material: PCTFE, resistant against corrosive solution
Capacity of liquid: 2.3 cm3
Sample size: 14 mm in diameter, or 20 mm × 35 mm / 4.5 mm thickness