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Productivity meets Accuracy

Automatic Tip Exchange

Park’s automatic tip exchange system lets you seamlessly continue automated measurement routines. It automatically calibrates cantilever location and optimizes measurement settings based on measurements of a reference pattern. Our novel magnetic approach to the tip exchange has a 99% success rate, so you can do better work with less oversight.


Automatic Laser Beam Alignment

Park’s automatic laser beam alignment let’s the user seamlessly continue automated measurement routines without user input. With our advanced pre-aligned cantilever holder, the laser beam is focused on the cantilever upon automatic tip exchange. The laser spot is then optimized along the X- and Y-axis by motorized positioning knobs.


Customize your AFM to make it more efficient and more effective

Customized Sample Fixture

Park Systems can prepare customized sample fixtures to support customers’ specific samples, row bars or individual sliders. The customized sample fixture can provide a better connection between the measuring sample and the NX-PTR for increased accuracy.



Customized HGA Fixture

HGA fixtures can be custom built to firmly fit a specific HGA design provided by the customer, offering a more stable fixture. The non-damaging fixture allows users to easily load and unload the entire HGA, without causing any damage to the HGA. HGA then can be dismounted, and further tested. Up to 5 HGA samples of the same type can be mounted at the same time.


Ionization System for a more stable scanning environment

Our innovative ionization system quickly and effectively removes electrostatic charges in your sample's environment. Since the system always generates and maintains the ideal balance of positive and negative ions, it can create an extremely stable charge environment with little contamination of the surrounding area and minimal risk of accidental electrostatic charge during sample handling.

NX-HDM Ionization-System

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