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AFM Workshop the Sondes Locales

AFM Workshop and Live Demo Sondes Locales 2018

AFM Workshop and Live Demo


Nanoscale mechanical and electrical characterization in ambient or vacuum conditions

Wednesday, 21 March, 21.30

Le Forum des Microscopies à Sondes Locales 2018

Frontiers in material science demand steadily for new characterization methods on the nanometer scale.

In this session we specifically address new and unique techniques to
characterize nanomechanical and electrical properties. The combination of
these techniques allows studying the complete range from soft polymer- to
hard silicon-based structures. Hereby the ease of use guarantees applicable
modes for a broad AFM user base. The versatility of our tool furthermore
allows the integration into different environments from glove box solutions
up to hivac.


With a demonstration tool on site (Park Systems NX10 AFM) we show these capabilities during the live session.

Visit Milexia booth space to register for the workshop.

About Park Systems:
Park Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems with a complete range of products for researchers and industry engineers in chemistry, materials, physics, life sciences, and semiconductor and data storage industries. Park's products are used by over a thousand of institutions and corporations worldwide. Park's AFM provides highest data accuracy at nanoscale resolution, superior productivity, and lowest operating cost thanks to its unique technology and innovative engineering. Park's products are sold and supported worldwide with regional headquarters in the US, Korea, Japan, and Singapore, Europe and distribution partners throughout Europe, Asia, and America.


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