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Santa Clara, CA --- July 20, 2007

Park Systems Corp., a global provider of nanoscale measurement systems for research and industry, will demonstrate its new XE-NSOM/Raman-Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). The XENSOM/Ramon is designed for advanced Near-field Optical Microscopy (NSOM) and Raman spectrometry. Park Systems will demonstrate the XE-NSOM/Raman-AFM in
Booth A03:10 at the International Conference on Nano Science and Technology (ICN+T 2007), July 2-6 at the Stockholm International Fairs, Stockholm, Sweden. This global event provides a forum for professionals in academic research and industry to take part in recent scientific findings and share information in the field of materials and nano sciences.

The XE-NSOM/Raman provides a complete AFM system setup with unsurpassed versatility for NSOM and Raman experiments. Unlike conventional NSOM systems with shear-force feedback by means of tuning forks, the XE-NSOM uses cantilever-based, closed loop feedback only available with the high performing Z-ervo scan from the XEAFM. The Raman capabilities for the XE-NSOM are made possible through technology provided by HORIBA Jobin Yvon, the world’s largest manufacturer of analytical and spectroscopic systems and components.
The combination of Raman with an AFM microscope opens up access to new capabilitiesand information of sample composition and structure. For instance, the XE-NSOM can provide topographic sample information on the molecular level and enable increased
atomic resolution. When this is combined with the chemical information obtained from Raman images, a more comprehensive sample characterization can be obtained. Some of the NSOM applications for the XE-NSOM/Raman include near-field fluorescence and near-field Raman, while the new AFM supports confocal applications, including microfluorescence and micro-Raman.

Additional features of the XE-NSOM/Raman-AFM include:

• Cantilever-based aperture/apertureless NSOM
• Seamless integration of NSOM and XE-AFM
• Optical head with large solid angle side-access
• Versatility supporting various reflection/transmission modes
• Allows convenient alignment of entire AFM with respect to NSOM laser

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