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Applications - Nanotechnology



Nanotechnology is one of the latest research fields that rely on manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Innovation resulting from nanostructure breakthroughs have brought numerous technological advances in both research and industry, contributing to the progress of other research fields as well. These days, using nanostructure fabrication methods in various ways has become standard research in improving product performance irrespective of industry.

To fabricate and characterize nanoscale structures, researchers have been utilizing AFM to find practical solutions since the development of the first commercial AFM from Park Systems. Park Systems’ advanced AFM know-how and a self-developed and especially accurate feedback control system in their AFM products allow their customers to both image and manipulate nanostructures with increased accuracy and with higher productivity.

Upgrade your materials research capabilities with Park AFM

The fabrication and manipulation of nanostructures has always been a technically difficult challenge for researchers and requires instrumentation with the versatility to match ever-changing application needs. Park Systems offers a high quality AFM product line replete with corresponding accessories and software to tackle a wide range of nanoscale research demands.


Park NX10

Park NX10 provides researchers excellent AFM capabilities in nanofabrication and -manipulation. These capabilities, in conjunction with Park NX10’s proficiency in general materials and device characterization, enable researchers to seamlessly transition between various nanomaterials research fundamentals as needed. Starting with Nanolithography enabled through our stand-alone XEL program, Park NX10 offers dedicated software and various modes and options to enable other specialized applications such as nanopatterning, scratching, and even electrical field oxidation.