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Data accuracy is of paramount importance to nanotechnology researchers as the credibility of their research depends on it. The NX10, the world’s most accurate AFM, is the flagship AFM of Park’s new product line. Park NX10 brings unparalleled imaging accuracy, scan speed, and tip life to the next generation of researchers, all at an affordable price. The NX platform builds on Park’s 28 years of technology leadership in AFM data accuracy, and its reputation as the leading nanotechnology solutions partner to research and industry.Come and visit us at the 2012 ACS Fall Meeting in Philadelphia, USA (Booth #504) from August 19th to 23th and learn about what makes the NX10 a long-awaited and game-changing product from Park. Park NX10 features industry’s only True Non-Contact AFM with industry-leading Z-servo speed, XYZ scanner linearity, closed-loop detector noise, and minimized thermal drift. Park NX10 is the world’s premium research grade AFM that is user-friendly and convenient to use for new and experienced users alike. Fill out a survey at our booth, and receive a 100% Silicone ball-point pen. We look forward to meeting you at the ACS Fall Meeting!


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