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Park NX10

The Premiere Choice for Nanotechnology Research

For independent researchers and user facilities alike, the Park NX10 AFM is an affordable, yet versatile platform that provides ease of use with high-resolution capabilities. The instrument is designed to produce images that are inherently distortion-free and reproducible. The Park NX10’s easy tip exchange combined with SmartScan software’s one-click imaging and pre-programmed advanced modes make Park AFMs stand out. By combining topographical imaging with the material characterization of electrical, magnetic, thermal, and mechanical properties at the nanoscale, the Park NX10 is the premier choice for cutting-edge materials science research.

Accurate and Easiest to Use AFM

The Park NX10 introduces unparalleled user convenience in scanning probe microscopy, featuring an easy tip and sample exchange mechanism and a lightning-fast automatic tip approach that requires no user intervention. Its unique design includes a pre-aligned cantilever holder for hassle-free laser beam alignment, facilitated by an intuitive on-axis top-down view. These features ensure quick, efficient setup and operation, dramatically simplifying the user experience.

The unique head design allows easy side access allowing you to easily snap new tips and samples into place by hand. The cantilever is ready for scanning without the need for any tricky laser beam alignment by using pre-aligned cantilevers mounted on to the cantilever tip holder.

Easy Tip and Sample Exchange

Our automatic tip to sample approach requires no user intervention and engages in just 10 seconds after loading the cantilever. By monitoring the cantilever response to the approaching surface, Park NX10 can initiate an automatic fast tip to sample approach within 10 seconds of cantilever loading. Fast feedback by the high speed Z scanner and low noise signal processing by the NX electronics controller enable quick engagement to the sample surface without any user intervention. It just works, minimal user involvement required.

Lighting Fast Automatic Tip Approach

With our advanced pre-aligned cantilever holder, the laser beam is focused on the cantilever upon placement. Furthermore, the natural on-axis top-down view, the only one in the industry, allows you to easily find the laser spot. Since the laser beam falls vertically on the cantilever, you can intuitively move the laser spot along the X- and Y-axis by rotating its two positioning knobs. As a result, you can easily find the laser and position it on PSPD using our beam alignment user interface. From there, all you will need is a minor adjustment to maximize the signal to start acquiring the data.

Easy, Intuitive Laser Beam Alignment

Key Features

Unparalleled accuracy and high-resolution imaging with industry-leading low-noise

Park NX10 produces data you can trust, replicate, and publish at the highest nano resolution. It is equipped with the most effective low-noise Z detectors in the field, with a noise of 0.02 nm over a large bandwidth. This produces highly accurate sample topography and no edge overshoot.

Comprehensive range of AFM modes for Diverse Applications

The Park NX10 is meticulously crafted to address the demands of diverse metrology and analysis applications. It stands out with its comprehensive range of modes, presenting an extensive toolkit for researchers across various fields. From standard imaging to electrochemical analysis, the instrument seamlessly supports a multitude of AFM modes, showcasing its adaptability to a wide array of applications. With the Park NX10, researchers can confidently explore and delve into their scientific inquiries, benefiting from a versatile and reliable tool that enhances the precision and efficiency of their work.

Flexible Open-Access, Customizable for Cooperating with Various Research Environments

Park NX10 allows users to effortlessly tailor settings for their unique research environments, by offering a diverse range of options and accessories that make it seamlessly adapt to them: optimized options for thermal and chemical properties, etc.

Built for Electrochemical Analysis

Park NX10 is designed to address a wide spectrum of research and analysis applications, with particular optimization for electrochemical properties. This cutting-edge instrument offers a range of optional modes tailored for diverse functionalities in electrochemical analysis. With tailored functionalities for each mode, it provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities to meet the diverse needs of scientific exploration and analysis in electrochemistry.


Perfect for Diverse Applications