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Probehands hold the cantilever connect them to the Z scanner. Our selection for the XE head lets you measure a wide range of features, so you can get the data you need to do your best work.


Standard Probehand

The standard probehand is designed to be used in general operation. It features fast and easy guided cantilever loading without wiring. This probehand supports all standard and advanced modes except STM, SCM, and liquid imaging.

Specifications :

Cantilever mounting: Guided kinematic mounting
Cantilever bias range: -10 V - 10 V

Clip Type Probehand

This probehand lets you use unmounted-cantilevers. It features wireless cantilever bias function and supports all the standard and advanced modes except STM, SCM, and liquid imaging.


[ XE ]

Specifications :

Unmounted cantilever can be used.
Tip bias range: -10 V - 10 V
Tip bias function available for EFM and Conductive AFM
Supports all the standard and advanced modes except STM, SCM and in-liquid imaging

Liquid Probehand

Our Liquid Probehand is designed for general liquid imaging in contact and non-contact mode. It can create a closed liquid cell environment when used with the universal liquid cell. Its resistance to most of buffer solutions including acid make it perfect for biological research.


[ NX ] / [ XE ]

Specifications :

Contact and Non-contact AFM imaging in liquid environment
Allows closed-cell environment when used with Universal Liquid Cell
Compatible with Standard chip carrier and Standard clip-type chip carrier
Chemically resistant to acid/base conditions
Compatible with biological samples