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Active Vibration Isolation Table

Mini 450

AFM, Laser microscope, Electrobalance, SPM, Microhardness tester, Interferometer, Electron scale surface roughness tester and other precision instruments

6DOF Active vibration control

The effect of non-resonant vibration isolation produced via 6DOF active control results in outstanding performance over the all frequency range.

Clean room-compatible

An aluminum surface plate and body eliminate the possibility of air contamination, and also it requires no air supply.

LCD monitor (standard equipment)

Acceleration response spectrum

Automatic leveling & Clamping

You can activate automatic leveling and automatic clamping for transport with the push of a button.

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6DOF active vibration control produces outstanding vibration isolation performance.



Gold nanoparticles supported on SiO2 / Si (111)
Scan size: 500 nm x 500 nm


Specifications :

Dimension (W × D × H): 400 mm × 500 mm × 80 mm
Maximum load capacity (loading impartially): 120 kg
Product mass: 19 kg
Power supply: AC 85 - 264 V s ingle-phase 50/60 Hz
Isolation Technology: Across all frequencies, translation, and rotational directions (six freedoms).
Force Directions: Active compensation in all six degrees of freedom
Isolation Performance: 5 Hz = 25dB, 10Hz = 40dB
Active Bandwidth: 0.8 or less ~ 100 or more Hz
Max Compensation Level: 0.35gal(rms) at 5Hz with a load of 60 kg
Stroke of the Actuator: 2mm
Max Correction Forces V = Vertical: 16N
Max Correction Forces H = Horizontal: 8N
Repeatabilty of Load Adjustment: 0.1mm