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Real-space images of soft matter with molecular and sub-molecular resolution could provide valuable insights into the relationship between morphology and functionality of such materials, but their acquisition is problematic due to perceived limitations in atomic force microscopy (AFM).

Here we demonstrate that using a higher eigenmode imaging (HEMI) approach could provide a simple and versatile route to acquiring ultra-high resolution images with conventional AFM probes both in air and liquids. HEMI is based on exciting 2nd, 3rd or higher resonance modes of standard cantilevers. Using higher frequency greatly improves both resolving capabilities and acquisition speed as well. During this webinar, we will present a quick overview of various materials/samples that were successfully imaged down to a single molecule level using this approach.

Electrostatic and Kelvin probe force microscopies (EFM and KPFM) have become primary tools for the characterization of electrical phenomena on the nanometer scale, with multiple applications for ferroelectrics, photovoltaics and energy devices.
In this workshop, we shall explore the characteristics of different modes like EFM, AM-KPFM and Sideband KPFM.

The thickness and optical properties of thin films are critical to the performance and reliability of micro- and nanoelectronics devices. As features are constantly getting smaller, conventional methods cannot measure those properties on small structures. Imaging ellipsometry provides a fast and non-destructive method for characterizing surfaces and films on micron-scale structures, making it a valuable tool for materials research and development. This talk will show the principle and methods of imaging spectroscopic ellipsometry and some application examples.

在先进半导体制程领域中,光刻技术扮演着极其重要且关键的角色。其中,光掩模作为微缩图形的来源,如何确保其图形正确而不被缺陷所影响,缺陷检测与修复成了光掩模不可或缺的工序。文中介绍原子力显微镜作为高精度纳米级定位与量测系统,可用来针对光掩模上的缺陷形貌、尺寸大小、定位缺陷位置与种类做进一步检验 (Defect Review),并生成三维形貌和其他关键性的计量数据,亦可作为电子束或是激光修补机台的定期机况监控,给予及时的制程条件反馈。

溶液中の環境を必要とする材料のAFM測定について。 カンチレバーを使った技術、ピペットを使った技術、電気化学測定を含めた溶液中測定について詳しくお話いたします。 AFMのフレキシブルな環境対応について知りたい方、また従来のカンチレバー以外のピペット法について知りたい方におすすめの講義です。