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Automatic Measurement Control

Automated software makes the NX-HDM operation effortless. Measurement recipes provide multi-site analysis with optimized settings for cantilever tuning, scan rate, gain, and set point parameters. The system software for automation executes the sample measurement by following a preset procedure written in a recipe file. Park's user-friendly software interface provides operator with a flexibility to perform various system-wide functions. It takes about 10 minutes to create a new recipe from scratch, or less than 5 minutes to modify an existing recipe.

Park NX-HDM provides these:
• Auto, semi-auto, and manual mode
• Editable measurement method for each automated procedure
• Live monitoring of the measurement process
• Automatic analysis of acquired measurement data

Ionization System

Ionization system effectively removes electrostatic charges. It ionizes the charged objects and is very reliable since the system always generates and maintains an ideal balance of positive and negative ions without causing any contamination to the surrounding area. It also reduces the accidental electrostatic built-in charge that may occur during sample handling.

NX-HDM Ionization-System

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