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    3DM Series
    AFM Options

A revolutionary all-in-one system for 3D Metrology

Automatic Tip Exchange (ATX)

The ATX automatically locates tips by pattern recognition and uses a novel magnetic approach to disengage a used tip and pick up a new tip, with an incredible 99.9% success rate. The laser spot is then automatically optimized along the X- and Y-axis by motorized positioning knobs.


Automatic Wafer Handler (EFEM or FOUP)

The NX-3DM can be configured for various automatic wafer handlers, such as EFEM and FOUP. The high-precision, robotic handling arm ensures users get fast and reliable wafer measurements every time.

Ionization System for a more stable scanning

Our innovative ionization system quickly and effectively removes electrostatic charges in the sample’s environment. Since the system always generates and maintains the ideal balance of positive and negative ions, it can create an extremely stably charged environment with negligible contamination from the surrounding area and minimize the risk of accidental electrostatic charge during sample handling.