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  • Message from Editor
  • NanoScientific Symposiums: Registration Open for NanoScientific Symposium on SPM at SUNY Polytechnic Institute & NanoScientific Symposium on SPM Europe
  • Feature Article: “Insights into Submicron-Scales - Nanobubbles and Their Effect on AFM Measurements and Engineering Processes” Lisa Ditscherlein, Technical University Freiberg
  • Application Note: Differentiating Material Compositions using Lateral Force Microscopy
  • Feature Article: Tobias Cramer, Asst. Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Bologna, Italy “An In Depth Look at Implantable Organic Nano Electronics”
  • Application Note: Simultaneous Topographical and Electrochemical Mapping using Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy – Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SICM-SECM)
  • Feature Interview: Dr. Elliott D. Bloom- Professor of Particle Physics and Astrophysics, Emeritus Stanford- “High Energy Searches for Dark Matter using the Large Area Telescope on the Fermi Gamma-ray space observatory at Stanford”

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