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    AFM Specifications




XY scanner range: 100 μm × 100 μm
AFM head Z scanner range: 15 μm, (optional 30 μm)
SICM head Z scanner range: 15 μm, (optional 30 μm)


ADC: 18 channels
24-bit ADCs for X, Y, and Z scanner position sensor

DAC: 17 channels
20-bit DACs for X, Y, and Z scanner positioning

3 channels of integrated lock-in amplifier
Spring constant calibration (Thermal vibration method)
Digital Q control


Basic modes: True Non-contact™ mode, Tapping mode, and Phase imaging, Contact mode and LFM, PinPoint™ imaging, F/D spectroscopy, Force volume imaging, MFM, Enhanced EFM (Basic EFM, DC-EFM, PFM and SKPM), FMM, Nanoindentation

NX option modes: C-AFM Options (Basic C-AFM, ULCA, VECA, SSRM), High Voltage option, SCM, SThM, STM

Vision (AFM)

Direct on-axis vision of sample surface and cantilever 
Field-of-view: 840 μm × 630 μm (with 10× objective lens)
Camera: 5 M Pixel (default), 1 M Pixel (optional)

Objective lens
10x (N. A. 0.21) ultra-long working distance lens
20x (N. A. 0.42) high-resolution, long working distance lens

Software - Park SmartScan™

• AFM system control and data acquisition software
• Auto mode for quick setup and easy imaging
• Manual mode for advanced use and finer scan control

Software - XEI

• AFM data analysis software
• Stand-alone design—can install and analyze data away from AFM
• Capable of producing 3D renders of acquired data

Inverted Optical Microscopy

Objective lens: up to 100x
Fluorescence microscopy* (optional)
Confocal microscopy* (optional)

GloveBox (Optional)

• Allows precise control over the humidity
• Makeup of specified gaseous environments
• Allowing you to insulate highly reactive materials


Dimensions in mm

NX12 Dimensions

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