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    SICM and AFM Specifications

Park NX-Bio Specifications

SICM Head with pipette probe holder

Includes a low-noise, high-precision ionic current amplifier Includes a high-force Z scanner

• Flexure-guided structure driven by multiply-stacked piezoelectric stacks
• Z scan range: 25 μm
• 20-bit Z position control and 24-bit Z position sensor


Dovetail lock head mount for easy mount/removal of the SICM head

• Automatically connects to the electronics upon mounting

High Speed AFM head

Includes a high-speed Z scanner

• Flexure-guided structure driven by multiply-stacked piezoelectric stacks
• Z scan range: 25 μm
• 20-bit Z position control and 24-bit Z position sensor


Includes a probehand to which a cantilever is attached

• NCM oscillation frequency: Up to 3 MHz
• Voltage bias range to the cantilever: -10 V to 10 V


Detects the deflection of the cantilever using SLD (Super Luminescent Diode) for topography feedback

• SLD wavelength: 830 nm
• SLD has low coherence length eliminating optical interference
• SLD coherent length: ~50 μm


Dovetail-lock head mount for easy mount/removal of the AFM head

• Automatically connects to the electronics upon mounting


Supported Modes

SICM Standard Imaging

• DC mode
• ARS mode
• Z servo ARS mode


SICM Ionic Current Measurement

• Current-Distance (I-D) Spectroscopy
• Patch Clamping Integration (Targeted Patch Clamping)


AFM Force Measurement

• Force Distance (F-D) Spectroscopy
• PinPoint modeTM for Surface Mechanical Property Imaging
• Force Volume Imaging
• Spring Constant Calibration by Thermal Method


AFM Standard Imaging

• True Non-Contact AFM
• Basic Contact AFM and DFM
• Lateral Force Microscopy (LFM)
• Phase Imaging


Optical Properties

• Raman Spectroscopy Integration
• Tip-Enahnced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS) Integration




Dedicated system control and data acquisition software
Adjusting feedback gain, set point in real time
Script-level control through external programs such as LabVIEW (optional)


SICM & AFM data analysis software (running on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux)
Geographical morphology of biological sample analysis, including height, volume, and surface roughness
3 dimensional SICM/AFM image display



Decoupled XY and Z-scanner
Single module flexure XY-scanner with closed-loop control
Scan range of XY-scanner: 100 μm x 100 μm

20-bit XY position control and 24-bit XY positioning sensor
Working distance of Z-scanner: 25 μm
Resonance frequency of Z-scanner: 5 kHz


XY Stage and Z stage

Working range of XY stage: Software-controlled motorized stage for SICM/AFM head positioning
Stage travel range: 14 mm
Stage travel step: 0.1 μm
Working range of Z stage: -14 mm, motorized movement
Sample size:
• 50 mm × 50 mm, 20 mm thick, and up to 500 g
• Petri dish (38 mm)


Optical Configuration for Park NX-Bio

Compatible with inverted microcopes from
• Zeiss (Axio Observer Z.1)
• Nikon (Ti-S, Ti-U, Ti-E)

Compatible with confocal microscopes and fluorescence technique such as TIRF, STORM
TopviewOptics (upright optics) with CCD camera for opaque samples


Accessories for Applications

Environmental control chamber for live cell imaging

Controls temperature, humidity, and pH
Temperature control
• Range: RT - 45 °C
• Heating elements placed at the top and bottom of the
chamber to minimize temperature fluctuation
Includes Temperature Controller and Humidifier
Includes covers for AFM head and SICM head
Controls the pH of the Live Cell Chamber by supplying mixed CO2 gas


Universal Liquid Cell

Open/closed-cell environment for liquid imaging
Temperature control range:
0 °C to 110 °C (without liquid), 4 °C to 70 °C (with liquid)

Enhanced Acoustic Enclosure (AE) for NX-Bio

Enhanced Acoustic Enclosure (AE) for NX-Bio
Designed exclusively for the NX-Bio, the Integrated Acoustic Enclosure for SICM/AFM isolates
the systems from external acoustic and light noise as well as floor vibration for ultimate performance.
Includes active vibration isolation system with direct velocity feedback to cancel out the floor vibration
Active frequency: 0.7 Hz to 1 kHz
Best solution for high resolution in-liquid imaging
Ergonomic design for a convenient access to the instrument
Dimension: 1,000 × 1,030 × 1,460 mm (outer)
Weight: 661 kg


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