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Optical Properties

Park Systems offers a set of optical modes for researchers that need to image transparent biological samples using AFM. Park AFM’s optical head allows the user to easily add optical imaging capabilities to their AFM. In addition, the tip-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy mode allows the user to gather spectroscopic data while measuring the sample’s topographic features.

TERS (Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy)

The TERS mode of Park AFM uses a Raman spectrum enhanced by the AFM cantilever to let users easily measure a sample’s nanoscale chemical properties while gathering topographic data.

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Park AFM Optical Head

The Park AFM Optical Head allows the users to utilize the AFM cantilever as a medium of light amplification when combined with Raman spectroscopy, which enhances the optical response of the sample. The head provides wide optical accessibility from top, bottom, and side to deliver the best possible beam. This option is compatible with all other Park AFM options.

Specifications :

Optical accessibility: top and side
Z scan range: 15 µm or 30 µm
Resonant frequency: >9 kHz
Laser type: LD (650 nm) or SLD (830 nm)
Noise floor: 0.03 nm (typical), 0.05 nm (maximum)


Park Scanning Probe Microscopy Modes