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Force Measurement

Park Systems offers a range of force measurement modes that can be used to easily analyze the sample’s material properties and ensure accurate measurement each time with its unique spring calibration.

Force-Distance Spectroscopy

Force-Distance Spectroscopy mode with Park AFM provides mechanical property information by measuring the vertical force that the tip applies to the surface and the sample displacement while the probe is brought into contact with the surface of the sample at a specific location. It can also be used to analyze surface contaminants’ viscosity, lubrication thickness, and local variations in the elastic properties of the surface.

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Specifications :

Batch measurement on user specified points
Force volume image: maximum 128 × 128
Force resolution: < 10 pN

Force Volume Imaging

Force volume imaging with Park AFM provides a detailed map of the sample’s material properties by plotting parameters such as stiffness, cantilever snap-in, and adhesion. Parameters extracted from Force Distance (F-D) Spectroscopy curves are summarized into a matrix that quickly and easily allows researchers to gain insights about samples properties.

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Specifications :

Up to 256 × 256 points
Automatic calculation of various F-D parameters (stiffness, snap-in, adhesion)
Analysis software includes batch analysis and export

Spring Constant Calibration by Thermal Method

Maintaining the proper spring calibration is critical for AFM force data accuracy. Hence, Park AFM provides spring calibration using the thermal method, giving you accurate readings every time.

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Specifications :

Automatic detection of the spring constant
Automatic/manual cantilever deflection sensitivity calibration

Park Scanning Probe Microscopy Modes