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Park NX20 300mm

The leading automated nanometrology tool for
300 mm wafer measurement and analysis

The Park NX20 300mm is the industry's first large sample AFM that supports a full motorized traveling range of 300 mm x 300 mm. Designed for failure analysis and quality control laboratories, the new upgraded Park NX20 system can inspect an entire 300 mm wafer efficiently, without any need for cumbersome sample displacement. Despite the enlarged platform to support the 300 mm motorized XY stage, Park's innovative vibration isolation technology keeps the system noise level below 0.5 angstrom (Å) RMS or typically 0.3 Å RMS

in the field. Proven AFM performance and SingleClick-AFM automation eliminates any need for sample adjustment and makesof Park NX20 the scanning process as efficient and user-friendly as possible. With our "Program Mode" interface users can easily implement reliable and repeatable sequential multiple-site measurements over the entire 300mm x 300mm area. This makes the NX20 300 mm the premiere choice for FA, QA, and QC engineers that need to scan large samples.



Specifically Built for Large Sample Wafer Inspection

The NX20 300 mm was designed from the ground up to allow for optimal measurements of large samples. The entire 300 mm wafer area can be analyzed for low-noise AFM measurements. This opens up a whole new scope of measurement automation, allowing engineers to work faster, more simply, and with greater precision.



Flexible 300 mm Sample Chuck

The Park NX20 300 mm’s vacuum chuck supports a wide range of wafer sizes, shapes, and types allowing users to accurately scan practically any sample.


300 mm XY stage

The motorized 300 mm XY stage allows users to move the AFM measuring position within the entire 300 mm area.




Proven NX20 Performance with a 300 mm sample stage

The NX20 is already the best choice for FA, QA, and QC engineers that need its unparalleled ease of use and automation without compromising on accuracy. With its enlarged platform that supports a 300mm motorized XY stage, the NX20 300 mm takes this a step further, allowing users to inspect larger samples easily and with extremely high accuracy.



Park SmartScan™ makes getting accurate measurements simple

The Park NX20 is equipped with our SmartScan OS, making it one of the easiest to use AFMs on the market. With an intuitive but extremely powerful interface, even untrained users can quickly scan a large sample without supervision. This lets senior engineers focus their experience on solving bigger problems and developing better solutions.





aScan multiple sites on the entire 300 mm wafer

SmartScan’s program mode allows users to take automated sequential site measurements, compare surface morphologies, height, surface roughness from site-to-site and sample-to-sample using grid and wafer based modes. This can greatly improve user-convenience and productivity when scanning large samples.

bPowerful recipe creation

Our simple recipe creation process allows engineers to set presets defined by location, name, number and type on each batch.


Optimized for a Wide Range of Applications

The NX20 300mm provides recipe-automated AFM measurement for numerous applications providing advanced measurements and analysis of samples at the nanoscale. With the ability to measure roughness, height and depth, perform defect reviews, electrical and magnetic failure analyses, thermal property characterization, and nanomechanical property imaging, the AFM is ideally suited to a wide range of tasks performed by FA, QA, and QC engineers that work with large samples.







XY scanner: 100 μm × 100 μm
Z scanner: 15 μm, (30 μm optional)*


XY travel range: 300 mm x 300 mm
Z travel range: 25 mm
Focus travel range: 8 mm
Precision encoder for all axes* (optional)


ADC: 18 channels
4 high-speed ADC channels (50 MSPS)
24-bit ADCs for X, Y, and Z position sensor

DAC: 12 channels
2 high-speed DAC channels (50 MSPS)
20-bit DACs for X, Y, and Z positioning
3 channels of integrated lock-in amplifier


Direct on-axis vision of sample and cantilever
Coupled with 10x objective lens (20x optional)*
Field-of-view: 480 x 360 μm
CCD: up to 5Mpixel

Sample Mount
& Size

Vaccum groove holder:
100, 150, 200, 300 mm wafers, small sample Magnetic sample holder Up to 20 mm thickness


1220 mm (W) × 1170 mm (D) × 1470 mm (H)

Park SmartScan

AFM system control and data acquisition software
Auto mode, Manual mode
Program mode for recipe-automated, sequential multiple-site measurement AFM operation


Various options are available for wide range applications


The leading nano metrology tool for failure analysis and large sample research

As an FA engineer, you’re expected to deliver results. There’s no room for error in the data provided by your instruments. Park NX20, with its reputation as the world’s most accurate large sample AFM, is rated so highly in the semiconductor and hard disk industry for its data accuracy.

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More powerful failure analysis solutions

Park NX20 is equipped with unique features that make it easier to uncover the reasons behind device failure and develop more creative solutions. Its unparalleled precision provides high resolution data that lets you focus on your work, while its True Non-Contact™ mode scan keeps tips sharper and longer, so you won’t have to waste as much time and money replacing them.

Easy to use, even for entry level engineers

Park NX20 has one of the most user friendly designs and automated interfaces in the industry, so you won’t have to spend as much time and energy using the tool and supervising junior engineers with the system. This lets you focus your experience on solving bigger problems and providing insightful and timely failure analysis to your customers.

Park NX20 Specification 

XY Scanner

Single-module flexure XY scanner with closed-loop control
Scan range : 100μm x 100μm
                    50μm x 50μm

                    25μm x 25μm

20-bit position control and 24-bit position sensor



XY travel range : 150 mm (200 mm optional)
Z travel range : 25 mm
Focus travel range: 15 mm
Precision encoder for all axes (optional)


Z Scanner

Guided high-force Z scanner
Scan range : 15 µm
                     30 µm
20-bit position control and 24-bit position sensor


Sample Mount

Up to 150 mm (200 mm optional)
Vacuum grooves to hold wafer samples



Objective lens

10× (0.21 NA) objective lens with ultra-long working distance
20× (0.42 NA) objective lens with long working distance and high resolution 

    Direct on-axis vision of sample surface and cantilever

    Coupled with 10× objective lens (20× optional)

     Field-of-view: 840 µm × 630 µm

 CCD: 5 MP 




Dedicated system control and data acquisition software
Adjusting feedback parameters in real time
Script-level control through external programs(optional)


AFM data analysis software



Signal processing

ADC : 18 channels
4 high-speed ADC channels
24-bit ADCs for X, Y, and Z scanner position sensor
DAC : 12 channels
2 high-speed DAC channels
20-bit DACs for X,Y and Z scanner positioning
Maximum data size : 4096 x 4096 pixels

Integrated functions

3 channels of flexible digital lock-in amplifier
Digital Q control

External signal access

20 embedded signal input/output ports

outputs : EOF, EOL, EOP,Modulationand AC bias


AFM Mode
(*Optionally available)

Standard Imaging

True Non-Contact Mode
PinPoint™ AFM
Basic Contact AFM
Lateral Force Microscopy (LFM)
Phase Imaging
Intermittent (tapping) AFM

Electrical Characterization*

Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM)
Conductive AFM
Electric Force Microscopy (EFM)
Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM)
Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy(SKPM)

General Characterization*

Magnetic Force Microscopy(MFM)
Scanning Thermal Microscopy(SThM)
F-D Spectroscopy
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy(STM)
Force Modulation Microscopy(FMM)



Customize your AFM to handle any project

Automatic data collection and analysis lets you save time


The NX20 features Park's automation control software that automatically carries out AFM measurements of a sample according to your preset procedure (recipe). It can accurately collect data, perform pattern recognition, and do analysis using its onboard Cognex board and optics module, and export with almost no user in put so you have more time to do innovative research.

Sample Tilting Stage for Sidewall Imaging lets you see more


The NX20’s innovative architecture lets you detect the sidewall and surface of the sample, and measure their angle. This gives the unit the versatility you need to do more innovative research and gain deeper insights.



创新的控制设计使Park NX20能够快速达到温度平衡
关闭隔音罩后10分钟内可保持测试环境低于0.05 °C 的温差


Encoders for Motorized Stage

• The encoded XY stage travels in 1 µm resolution with 2 µm repeatability

• The encoded Z stage travels in 0.1 µm resolution with 1 µm repeatability

Sample Plates

• Dedicated small sample holder for electrical measurements

• Vacuum grooves to hold wafers

• Sample dimension: Up to 200 mm (150 mm default)

Cliptype Chip Carrier

• Can be used with an unmounted cantilever

• Tip bias function available for Conductive AFM and EFM

• Tip bias range: -10 V ~ +10 V

Precise Temperature Control

• Heating & Cooling Stage (0~180 ºC)

• 250 ºC Heating Stage

• 600 ºC Heating Stage


Dimensions in mm


QuickStep SCM Mode

High Throughput QuickStep Scan

With the implementation of QuickStep scan, the throughput of the SCM measurement was dramatically increased, as much as ten times the standard SCM scan speeds, without compromising signal sensitivity, spatial resolution or data accuracy. In QuickStep scan, the XY scanner stops at each pixel point to record the data. It makes a fast jump between the pixel points.

  • Ten times faster than conventional SCM scan
  • No compromise of signal sensitivity, spatial resolution, or data accuracy

QuickStep Scan


Rather than continuous movements, the XY scanner stop at each data acquisition point.


Scan rate 1.5Hz

Conventional Scan


Scan rate 1Hz

Scan size: 10µm×3µm, AC Bias: 0.5 Vp-v, DC Bias: 0 V

Accurate Dopant Profiling by Park SCM

In semiconductor manufacturing, the ability to characterize the dopant profile is important in identifying causes of failure as well as in making design advancements. For device characterization, scanning capacitance microscopy (SCM) provides the unique ability to measure quantitative 2D dopant profiles.


PinPoint Conductive AFM Mode

PinPoint Conductive AFM was developed for well defined electric contact between the tip and the sample. They XY scanner stops during the electric current acquisition with contact time controlled by a user. PinPoint Conductive AFM allows higher spatial resolution, without lateral force, with optimized current measurement over different sample surface.


PinPoint Mode





Sample: ZnO nano-rods, -3 V sample bias

The comparison of conductive AFM images of ZnO nanorods show that the conventional contact conductive AFM may have a higher current measurement than tapping conductive AFM, but its resolution is compromised as the tip wears out in contact mode topography. The new PinPoint conductive AFM shows the best of both higher spatial resolution and optimized current measurement.

High-bandwidth, Low-noise Conductive AFM

Conductive AFM is an important tool in various device research, especially failure analysis in industry. Park conductive AFM has the most competitive specification in the market, having both the lowest current noise level in the industry and the largest gain range.

  • The lowest current noise level in the industry (0.1 pA)
  • Maximum current in the industry (10 μA)
  • Largest gain selection covers 7 orders of magnitude (103 ~109)

Park NX20 advanced SPM modes (*Optionally available)

Standard Imaging


Accurate AFM Solutions for FA and Research Laboratories

Sidewall measurements for 3D structure study


The NX20’s innovative architecture lets you detect the sidewall and surface of the sample, and measure their angle. This gives the unit the versatility you need to do more innovative research and gain deeper insights.

Surface roughness measurements for media and substrates

Surface roughness is one of the key applications where Park NX20 can excel and deliver the accurate failure analysis and quality assurance.
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High resolution electrical scan mode


QuickStep SCM
The Fastest Scanning Capacitance Microscopy

PinPoint AFM
The Frictionless Conductive AFM

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Accurate and Reproducible Measurements for Better Productivity

Tip Wearing Experiment with CrN Sample

When you compare the tip shape change through repetitive scans, the benefit of Park’s True Non-Contact Mode becomes very clear.

Tip Wearing Experiment with CrN Sample

Reproduce Best AFM Measurement

True Non-Contact Mode preserves the sharp tip end even after imaging 200 images of CrN, so called tip check sample. CrN has very abrasive surface that may quickly wear out the sharp tip.


Accurate AFM Topography with Low Noise Z Detector

True Sample Topography™ without piezo creep error

Our AFMs are equipped with the most effective low noise Z detectors in the field, with a noise of .02 nm over large bandwidth. This produces highly accurate sample topography, no edge overshoot and no need for calibration. Just one of the many ways Park AFM saves your time and gives you better data.

  • Low noise Z detector signal is used for topography
  • Low Z detector noise of 0.02 nm over large bandwidth
  • No edge overshoot at the leading and trailing edges
  • Calibration needs to be done only once at the factory



Conventional AFM


Park NX20 features

2D Flexure-Guided Scanner with 100 µm x 100 µm Scan Range

2D-Flexure-Guided-ScannerThe XY scanner consists of symmetrical 2-dimensional flexure and high-force piezoelectric stacks provides high orthogonal movement with minimal out-of-plane motion as well as high responsiveness essential for precise sample scanning in the nanometer scale.

Low Noise XYZ Position Sensors

The industry leading low noise Z detector replaces the applied Z voltage as the topography signal. In addition, the low noise XY closed loop scan minimizes the forward and backward scan gap to be less than 0.15% of the scan range.

Step Scan Automation

Using the motorized sample stage, Step-and-Scan enables user-programmable multiple region imaging. The Step-and-Scan process consists of:


1) Scan an image
2) Lift the cantilever
3) Move the motorized stage to a user defined coordinate
4) Approach
5) Repeat the scan

This automated feature increases productivity by minimizing user assistance during repetitive imaging processes.

Auto Engage by Slide-to-Connect SLD Head

The AFM head is easily inserted or removed by sliding it along a dovetail rail. This automatically locks the head into its pre-aligned position and connects it to the control electronics with a positioning repeatability of a few microns. The low coherency of the Super Luminescence Diode (SLD) enables accurate imaging of highly reflective surfaces and precise measurements for pico-Newton Force-distance spectroscopy. The SLD wavelength eliminates interference issues for users interested in combining the AFM with experiments in the visible spectrum.

Expansion Slot for Advanced SPM Modes and Options

Advanced SPM modes are enabled by simply plugging an option module to the expansion slot. The modular design of the NX-series AFM allows option compatibility throughout its product line.

High Speed 24-bit Digital Electronics

All NX-series AFMs are controlled and processed by the same NX electronics controller. The controller is an all digital, 24-bit high speed electronics unit, which insures the speed and accuracy of Park’s True Non-Contact ModeTM for accuracy and speed. With its low noise design and high speed processing unit, the controller is ideal for nanoscale imaging and precise voltage and current measurements. The embedded digital signal processing capability adds to the functionality and economics of our AFM solutions for advanced researchers.

24-bit signal resolution for XY and Z detectors
• 0.003 nm resolution in XY (50 μm XY)
• 0.001 nm resolution in Z (15 μm Z)

Embedded digital signal processing capability
• 3 channels of flexible digital lock-ins • Spring constant calibration (thermal method)
• Digital Q control included

Intergrated signal access ports
• Dedicated and programmable signal input/output ports
• 7 inputs and 3 outputs

High Speed Z Scanner with 15 µm Scan Range

Driven by a high-force piezoelectric stack and guided by a flexure structure, the standard Z scanner has a high resonant frequency of more than 9 kHz (typically 10.5 kHz), and Z-servo speed of more than 48 mm/sec tip velocity which enables accurate feedback. The maximum Z scan range can be extended from 15µm to 30µm with the optional long scan range Z scanner.

Motorized XY Sample Stage with Optional Encoders

The encoders, used on all motorized stages, enable higher positioning repeatability for accurate sample positioning. The encoded XY stage travels in 1 µm resolution with 2 µm repeatability, and the encoded Z stage, in 0.1 μm resolution with 1 μm repeatability.

Accessible Sample Holder

The unique head design allows for an open side access to sample and tip. The maximum sample size one can place on the stage is either 150 mm diameter x 20 mm or 200 mm diameter x 20 mm depending on the travel range option chosen for the XY sample stage.

Direct On-Axis High Powered Optics with Integrated LED Illumination

Custom designed objective lens with ultra long working distance (51 mm, 0.21 NA, 1.0 µm resolution) provides direction on-axis optical view with unprecedented clarity. The intuitive direct on-axis sample view from the top allows users to navigate the sample surface easily to find the target area. For a higher vision resolution the EL20x objective lens of Long Travel Head is used, which has 20 mm working distance, 0.42 NA, and 0.7 µm resolution. The enlarged sensor size of the CCD provides wide field of view of the sample without compromising the optics resolution. The software-controlled LED light source provides ample illumination onto the sample surface for clear sample observation.

Vertically Aligned Motorized Z Stage and Focus Stage

The Z stage and focus stage engage the cantilever with the sample surface while constantly maintaining a clear field of vision for the user. And because the focus stage is motorized and software controlled, it has the precision necessary for transparent samples and liquid cell applications.

Park AFM Options