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Park Analytical Services

On demand sample based surface imaging and analysis from the maker of the world’s most accurate AFMs

Park Systems now offers cutting edge AFM technology on an as needed basis for those that want to establish AFM protocols, or who need to have samples analyzed using the most accurate AFMs, but don’t have access to an AFM of their own. Customers will also get a credit of up to half the value of their fees paid to Park Analytical Services that can be applied towards the purchase of their own Park AFM system, should they decide to buy one. This brings the high precision equipment and unmatched expertise of Park Systems to more researchers, engineers, and innovators than ever before.

What can AFM analytics do for you?

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) allows for sub nanometer resolution imaging of surface topography and is able to quantify surface roughness at the angstrom scale. Our team can give you highly accurate measurements such as surface topography, dopant distribution, magnetic domain features, and a wide variety of other sample properties to give you the information you need to do great work.


Park can provide measurements in the following areas:

●     Topography (surface roughness, grain size, step height, etc.)

●     Mechanical Properties (stiffness, etc.)

●     Electrical properties (capacitance, conductivity, etc.)

●     Thermal properties 

●     Magnetic properties 

These properties can be measured in air or liquid, depending on your needs.


Park AFM Options