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Beer and Demo - High Vacuum AFM/SSRM


Have a nice cold brew (or a few) on us

Long days at offices and conference halls call for beer—
—and the only thing better than beer is FREE beer.

Visit our office in Santa Clara on Thursday, June 25, 2015 from 5pm - 7pm
as we serve some craft brew, bites to eat, and some friendly chatter as we all
catch u[ on our work at the nanoscale and atomic force microscopy (AFM)

150512 NX Hivac
Park NX-Hivac, the world's most accurate High Vaccum AFM system.
The usage of silicon dominates semiconductor device design through and through. But for all its beneficial properties, it does unfortunately tend to oxidize in open air—preventing a straightforward assessment of a device's true electrical properties at the nanoscale.

Sure, you can try and smash through the oxide layer with your AFM probe. But now you've got a blunt tip and just torpedoed your image resolution. You probably also stripped the probe's electrical coating and ruined your resistance readings. And to top it all off, you might have even contaminated your sample with all kinds of debris from the perforation.

Surely, there's something better?

Join us as we introduce you to the Park NX-Hivac—simply put, the world's best solution for failure analysis. A brand-new High Vaccum AFM solution solving the drawbacks of the lesser tools, Park NX-Hivac is now here to enable nanoscale advances with an accuracy and ease of use never seen before!

150512 NX Hivac 150518-livedemo-smartscan 150518-livedemo-beear
Park NX-Hivac
The special choice for
semiconductor failure
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Park SmartScan
Bringing the power and
versatility of AFM technology
to everyone
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