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Dr. Sang-il Park, founder and CEO of Park Systems Corporation, will give an invited talk at the Iran Nano Forum 2012 in Tehran, Iran on October 6, 2012. The talk, entitled "Park Systems, the Leader of Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and Nano-metrology Solutions Partner", will cover Park’s unique & latest advancements in AFM industry, the Crosstalk Elimination where the XY flexure scanner is decoupled from the Z scanner to which a probe is attached, and its nanotechnology applications: a) under-cut measurement by intentionally changing the angle of the Z scanner thereby enabling sidewall roughness characterization in the nanoscale for the first time, and b) live cell imaging by scanning ion conductance microscopy.

About Iran Nano Forum

The first Iran international nanotechnology festival (Iran Nano 2008) was held in Oct.2008 in Tehran and has been held annually since then; it has become a well-established meeting point for both local and international scientists and industrial experts in the field of nanotechnology. The festival’s objective is to provide an opportunity for everybody who is interested in nanotechnology to interact with one another. Festival contains exhibition, public show, industrial show, Tech-Market corridor, workshops, and Nano award ceremony. The mission of the exhibition is to contribute in commercialization of nanotechnology by inviting institutions, laboratories, incubators, companies and VCs to present their technological achievements, nano products, laboratory equipment.



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