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The 15th International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing (NMC2018) will be held in “Songdo Convensia” in Incheon, South Korea, during June 26-29, 2018.
NMC 2018 focuses on multidisciplinary research stemming from micro- and nanoscale sensors. The workshop program includes invited talks, oral and poster presentations. The workshop topics include but not limited to theoretical modeling, design, fabrication, characterization, instrumentation and applications of novel micro-/nanoscale physical, chemical, and biological sensors.

Join us at NMC 2018 to learn more about our cutting-edge atomic force microscopy solutions for your research and industry application needs.
We look forward to discussing your particular nanoscale research/engineering challenges as well as the solutions we have ready to meet your requirements.


  • TITLE: NMC 2018
  • PERIOD: June 26(Tue.) – June 29(Fri.), 2018
  • VENUE: Songdo Convensia, Incheon, Korea


About NMC:

Nanomechanical Sensing (NMC) is an international workshop with a focus on micro- and nano mechanical structures for various sensing applications. The first NMC was held in Madrid in 2004 as a “Nano Mechanical Cantilever Workshop”. The subsequent year the workshop was held in the US to foster transcontinental collaborations (ASME Nanomechanics Conference, Knoxville, Tennessee, 2005). The subsequent workshops have been held annually around the world and have continuously grown over the years. NMC2018 is the second gathering in Korea.

Link: http://www.nmc-2018.org