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From September 26 to 29 2018 the International Symposium on Ferroic Domains (ISFD) will be held in Barcelona, Spain. Park Systems is proud to announce its participation as an exhibitor!

The International Symposium on Ferroic Domains (ISFD) has been held bi-annually since 1989, timed to fall between the International Meeting of Ferroelectricity and the European Meeting of Ferroelectricity. It serves both as a half-way stop between them and as a portent of what’s going to be hot in the next year’s highlight meeting of ferroelectricity.

The research themes cover experimental and theoretical advances in our understanding of domains, domain walls, phase boundaries and other topological mobile structures. The field of ferroic domains is riding on a strong wave of interest on the physics and functionalities of domain walls. The maturity and synergy between different fields of material sciences is contributing to the rapid advance of nanoferroic domains and domain wall nanoelectronics. The ISFD is the venue to showcase this progress.

The forthcoming ISFD-14 is going to be held in Barcelona, at the “Casa de Convalescencia”, a UNESCO-listed modernist building a stone’s throw from the Sagrada Familia.

Step by our booth space to learn about the latest technological advances in PFM application.

  • Event Dates: September 26 – 29, 2018
  • Venue: Casa Convalescència, Sant Antoni Mª Claret, 171, 08041 Barcelona, Spain
  • Our location: Park Systems booth space


Link: http://isfd-14.cat/