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Park Systems is proud to announce that it will be attending the EMSI 2017(Electron Microscope Society of India) being held at Chennai, India, during 17-19, July, 2017.

EMSI 2017 includes a wide range of topics in Materials and Life Sciences. Dedicated sessions will include discussions on advances in SEM, TEM and other complimentary and emerging techniques such as Atom Probe Tomography, Fluorescence Microscopy, SPM, STM, Confocal Microscopy, AFM etc.

The International Conference on Electron Microscopy and Allied Techniques and XXXVIII Annual Meeting of Electron Microscope Society of India will be jointly organized by India Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai under the aegis of EMSI. This conference will provide a platform for eminent scholars from around the globe to share their knowledge and perspectives on recent advances in Electron Microscopy and allied techniques.


  • Event Dates : July 17 – 19, 2017
  • Venue : Confluence Banquets & Resorts, Chennai, India
  • Park’s booth : No. 24


About EMSI:

Established in the Year 1961, the objective of the EMSI is to promote Electron Microscopy and the various Allied Techniques and their applications in carrying out scientific research towards the development of Science and Technology in India. The society has a drive to motivate the scientific community especially the young researchers towards efficient use of Electron Microscopy and associated techniques available with today's state-of-the-art instruments.


Link :http://emsi.org.in/emsi2017/