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Join us in the commune of Juvignac in Montpellier, France from March 20 to 24 for edition of Le Forum des Microscopies à Sondes Locales!

The main scientific program will again serve as a venue featuring research presentations from graduate students and postdoctoral fellows highlighting their recent findings. As always, the event focuses on where our collective efforts in scanning probe microscopy have come from and where they will lead us in the future.

Rounding out the event will be the presence of probe and instrumentation vendor—all of whom will be on hand to present the latest commercial advances in the field.



  • Event Dates : March 20-24, 2017

  • Venue : Vichi Spa de Juvignac — Juvignac, France
  • Park’s booth : Come see us at the vendor space for Elexience.


About the Forum:

The Forum brings together about 150 researchers or lecturers each year, of which more than 30% are graduate students. It has become a landmark national meeting for the Francophone scanning probe microscopy community.

The spirit of the event has not changed since 1998 when it started with a focus on promoting conversation between researchers, students, and industry professionals on topics pertaining to AFM, STM, SNOM and other associated/derived techniques. Such discussion has become increasingly relevant to attendees due to the growth of scanning probe microscopy usage as a major tool of nanotechnology development. These microscopy techniques allow us to study the mechanical, chemical, electronic, and biological properties of surfaces and nanosystems as well as to manipulate matter and study near-field interactions between two entities.


Linkhttp://www.sondeslocales.fr/accueil (French)