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Park Systems is excited to share news of its upcoming attendance of the 2016 Molecular Foundry User Meeting in Berkeley, CA from August 11 to 12, 2016. We will be on hand in the exhibitor area showcasing how our atomic force microscopy products and services can enable your nanoscale advances.

This year's keynote speakers include Prof. K. Barry Sharpless, the WM Keck Professor of Chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute and Prof. Sossina M. Haile, Walter P. Murphy Professor of Applied Materials Science and Engineering and Professor of Applied Physics at Northwestern University.


l  Event Dates : August 11 – 12 , 2016(Exhibit: August 11)

l  Venue : Molecular Foundry — Berkeley, CA

l  Park’s Booth : 4


About Molecular Foundry:

The Molecular Foundry, founded in 2003, is a nanoscience User Facility located at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, and is one of five Nanoscale Science Research Centers sponsored by the United States Department of Energy. It provides users from around the world with access to cutting-edge nanoscience expertise and instrumentation in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment.

Users of the Molecular Foundry are provided with free access to instruments, techniques and collaborators for nanoscience research that is in the public domain and intended for open publication. Proposals for user projects are solicited to promote interdisciplinary collaboration among scientists studying nanoscale phenomena in materials science, physics, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, biology and chemistry in seven interdependent facilities.

l  Link : http://foundry.lbl.gov/