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Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
For Oil & Gas


IMPORTANT: The workshop is now at the

Hilton Houston Plaza / Medical Center.

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of a complimentary Oil and Gas Industry AFM Imaging and Characterization Workshop that will be held near Rice University in Houston, TX from October 27 to 28, 2014 at the Hilton Houston Plaza / Medical Center. This workshop is specifically designed for engineers, scientists, and researchers in the fields of oil and gas materials and chemistry. Join us as we explore the vast advantages of using AFM to further increase our understanding of colloid-surface interactions and other phenomena at the nanoscale:


  • corrosion inhibition
  • coating degradation
  • proppant morphology
  • scaling mechanism
  • sealant
  • elastomer RGD
  • morphology degradation under HTHP condition



Space is limited at this event so early registration is suggested, as well as submission of your sample for consideration for the complimentary analysis.  For more details please contact Gerald Pascual at 408-986-1110.


Dr. Rigoberto Advincula (left) and Dr. Byong Kim (right)

The first key presentation of this workshop, “Nanoscale Characterization for Oil & Gas” will be given by Dr. Rigoberto Advincula, a leading expert in polymer materials and surface science currently conducting research at Case Western Reserve University. He will then be followed by Dr. Byong Kim, Director of Applications at Park Systems Inc. and an authority on analyses conducted with AFM. After discussing the latest advances in AFM and applications for petro research, Dr. Kim will also be conducting on-site AFM imaging demos with a limited number of pre-qualified attendees who have brought samples to scan.

  •  Monday, October 27
    • 08:30a — Welcome and refreshment service
    • 09:00a — Seminar (Dr. Rigoberto Advincula, Case Western Reserve University)
    • 11:00a — Seminar (Dr. Byong Kim, Park Systems Inc.)
    • 12:00p — Lunch break
    • 01:00p — Sample demo sessions #1-3
    • 04:00p — Closing


  •  Tuesday, October 28
    • 09:00a — Introduction to AFM and Petro Applications
    • 10:00a — Sample demo sessions #4-5
    • 01:00p — Lunch break
    • 02:00p — Sample demo session #6
    • 03:00p — Closing


About Dr. Rigoberto Advincula

Dr. Rigoberto Advincula, Director of the Petro Case Consortium, is recognized industry-wide as an expert regarding polymer and materials challenges of the oil-gas industry. He is currently a Professor with the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University and is the recipient of numerous awards including Fellow of the American Chemical Society, Herman Mark Scholar Award of the Polymer Division, and Humboldt Fellow.

About Dr. Byong Kim

Dr. Byong Kim, Director of Park’s Applications Group is the head of technical support and applications engineering at Park Systems.  He received his PhD in Applied Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on thin film growth and AFM characterization. Byong, with over 15 years of AFM experience, has authored 27 publications and 20 patents in the areas of AFM applications and related nanotechnology.