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Dr. Sang-il Park, the Chairman and CEO of Park Systems, will present the ‘3D AFM Method for Characterization of Resist – Multilayer Roughness and Side Wall Morphology of Lithographic Patterns: Effect of Aerial Image Contrast and Processes’, in the upcoming SPIE Advanced Lithography Exhibition 2013 on February 24-28, in US, San Jose, CA. The SPIE conference is a gathering for scientists and researchers to share ideas and find technical solutions that seek to advance scanning microscopy technologies and applications.

Dr. Park will introduce the 3-dimensional atomic force microscopy (3D AFM) technology. It is an alternative technique recently proposed by AFM developers as a new way of measuring resist-profiles and line edge roughness (LER). This technique measures the roughness and characterizes the morphology of the nanostructure side wall of resist-multilayer materials that are lithographically produced. In order to produce different degrees of roughness in a given photo-resist sample, Dr. Park will also describe the employed method of Sanchez et al to systematically vary the aerial image contrast (AIC) at a constant does for optically imaged resists. This will be presented along with description of such AIC measurements for KrF, ArF and EUV resists, and measurements of the resists imaged using electron beam lithography.

Dr. Park's presentation on the 3D AFM at SPIE will be quite interesting to many in the semiconductor industry who face challenges with the ever shrinking device geometries. For more information on the 3D AFM, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or press here

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