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Park Systems has introduced Park NX20, the world's most accurate AFM for failure analysis (FA) and quality assurance (QA), as the high end, large sample AFM of its NX product line. Now available worldwide, Park NX20 brings the highest accuracy and repeatability for nanoscale measurement and imaging for FA and QA labs in hard disk drive and semiconductor manufacturing. Park NX20 is the only large-sample AFM with non-contact mode for preserving tip sharpness, the key to AFM imaging accuracy and measurement repeatability. Park NX20 features True Non-Contact ModeTM with industry-leading Z-servo speed. True Non-Contact ModeTM delivers non-contact AFM imaging without compromising measurement accuracy and user productivity, all while dramatically lowering tip costs by extending tip ifetime. Park NX20 also features True Sample TopographyTM with industry-leading low noise Z-detector. The True Sample TopographyTM removes the effects of edge overshoot or piezo creep error, which can only be corrected by independent Z position sensor, whose noise level is low enough to be used as the AFM topography signal. Park NX20, as well as future advanced options and modes in development, address the FA & QA applications needs of hard disk drive and semiconductor manufacturing such as surface roughness, defect review, and 3D structure study. 
Come and visit us at the 2012 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston (Booth# 416) from November 26th to 30th and learn about what makes the NX20 the only high-end, large sample AFM with non-contact mode for preserving tip sharpness. For more information please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.parkAFM.com/nx.

Fill out a survey at our booth, and receive a 100% Silicone ball-point pen. We look forward to meeting you at the MRS Fall Meeting!