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The SPIE conference is a gathering for scientists and researchers to share ideas and find technical solutions that seek to advance scanning microscopy technologies and applications.Dr. Yueming Hua, Park Systems’ applications scientist from the US Office in Santa Clara, CA, will give a talk entitled "Advanced 3D Metrology with the Crosstalk Eliminated (XE) Atomic Force Microscope" at the upcoming SPIE Scanning Microscopy 2012 Conference in Monterey, USA on February12-16, 2012. Dr Hua's presentation will provide the latest progress from Park Systems' technology development in new 3D AFM with high solution sidewall imaging capability. In overcoming the limitation of previous 3D AFM approaches by a flared tip, the probes used on the new 3D-AFM maintain the high aspect ratio and sharp tip radius, typically less than 10 nm, providing the accurate metrology of critical dimension along with sidewall roughness for the first time. This presentation will highlight the importance of the new 3D AFM capability in improving process development in manufacturing environment. Combined with non-contact AFM imaging, the new 3D AFM provides the ideal method to measure the sidewall roughness of soft materials such as photoresists.