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Park Systems, the leading nanotechnology solutions partner of nanoscale measurements, warmly invites you to the 31th annual LSI Testing Symposium in Osaka, Japan Nov. 10th~ 12th.
Shinsuke Sugiura, the general manager of Park Systems Japan, will provide a presentation of 3D AFM developments pertaining to sidewall imaging and sidewall roughness measurements. Dr. Sugiura’s talk, entitled “New 3-dimensional AFM for CD measurement and sidewall characterization (Process Evaluation Techniques: Metrology, Session 3, 10:20AM)” addresses techniques that overcome the resolution limitation of previous 3D AFM approaches by a flared tip, the probes used on the new 3D-AFM maintain the high aspect ratio and sharp tip radius, typically less than 10 nm, providing the accurate metrology of critical dimension along with sidewall roughness for the first time.
Park Systems, in its continuing efforts to provide our customers with metrology solutions for today’s challenges in device manufacturing, will be featuring a range of automated AFM products for in-line inspection in wafer manufacturing.  The capabilities of our featured systems range from critical dimension measurement to undercut and sidewall characterization. LSI Testing Symposium will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the XE-Wafer, our automated industrial AFM for in-line wafer inspection and metrology of 200 mm and 300 mm wafers, and the XE-3DM, our new 3D AFM for high resolution 3D metrology with patented tilted Z-scan system.  The XE-3DM is a breakthrough in high resolution imaging of deep undercut structures and sidewalls. In addition, our True Non-Contact ModeTM enables non-destructive measurement of soft photoresist surface with high aspect ratio tips.  Come and discover Park Systems’ fully automated AFM solutions for process monitoring and characterization of critical topographies!