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Park Systems, the leading nanotechnology solutions partner of nanoscale measurements, will exhibit at the Diskcon USA 2011 in Santa Clara, USA, October 19th to 20th. Please come and visit us at Booth 201 to learn our industrial product line. Park Systems will be featuring a wide range of industrial AFM products for all aspects of disk characterization, from automatic defect review to undercut and sidewall measurement. Learn about the XE-HDM, our automated industrial XE-series AFM, specially designed for hard disk media and substrate applications. With newly developed features designed for user convenience and safety, the XE-HDM combines the superb performance of the XE-series AFM with the high-throughput capability required by hard disk media manufacturers. Also, discover the XE-3DM, Park Systems’ new 3D AFM, utilizing True Non-Contact mode for the non-destructive sidewall roughness measurement of soft photoresist structures. With its unique tilt head capability, the XE-3DM is a breakthrough in high resolution 3D AFM measurements.