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Park Systems, the leading nanotechnology solutions partner of nanoscale measurements, cordially invites you to our booth (#8B-410) atthe 2011 JAIMA Exhibition. In harmony with the theme “Connecting Innovative Technology with Superior Science,” Park Systems would like to present our award-winning XE-100, which provides artifact-free imaging via Crosstalk Elimination (XE) and provides the ultimate in AFM resolution with True Non-Contact mode. Park Systems will also be advertising our XE-Bio AFM, a powerful 3-in-1 microscope that combines industry’s only True Non-Contact AFM, Ion Conductance Microscope (ICM), and inverted optical microscope for the ultimate in live-cell imaging. All the XE-series of products feature artifact free imaging by Crosstalk Elimination (XE), True Non-Contact mode, and the ultimate in AFM resolution.